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"Prepayment" for ANY service is considered a DEPOSIT and is therefore LOST if appointment cannot be met BY THE CLIENT for any reason. ALL deposits go towards the full price of the service, remaining balance is due after service is complete the day of service. NO exceptions. All deposits AND payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE UNLESS CANCELLED (OR SPECIFIED) BY MONKEY PAW CUSTOM TATTOO.


We typically advise against paying in full for your appointment, however in those instances when the session is paid IN FULL our standard policy still stands, please keep this in mind when booking. All deposits AND payments made are NON-REFUNDABLE UNLESS CANCELLED (OR SPECIFIED) BY MONKEY PAW CUSTOM TATTOO. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We DO NOT allow clients to SPLIT TIME. If you go under your booked time slot, the time DOES NOT CARRY to another day.

(Example: If you book a 4 hour session and your tattoo takes 2.5 hours, you are STILL responsible for paying for the FULL SESSION YOU BOOKED.) Our block deals are designed to give you the best deal possible, we will not argue or deal with any client who "feels" this is unfair as these deals are a privilege not something you are entitled to. 


Please book by piece if you are concerned about time during your session.


We CANNOT take responsibility for anyone who doesn't take the time to check our hours of operation and book within those times. If you're looking for "just any shop" to copy someone else's work, this is not the shop for you as we have specialized artist who focus on specific styles.

*We will always work with you to our BEST effort to provide a reasonable amount of drawing and redrawing BEFORE your appointment. IF for ANY REASON you then decide to back out of your booked appointment, your deposit is LOST. *Please do your own research before deciding what artist you wish to work with!*

We will NEVER keep a deposit against our guidelines!




Please respect those who still choose to wear a mask!
We will still continue to monitor the pandemic, and will ALWAYS offer masks to our clients that wish to have one.

We understand the last couple years have been an EXTREMELY trying time for most of us, and as we continue to navigate out of this global pandemic we'd like to offer some reminders for anyone looking for a new tattoo! We are SO EXCITED the vaccine is widely available for almost everyone who wants it right now, but we must keep in mind, NOT EVERYONE IS VACCINATED! When planning your new tattoo, we'd like you to remember that MASKS ARE STILL REQUIRED by anyone and everyone who is NOT FULLY VACCINATED. This means you must have a mask on your face CORRECTLY at ALL TIMES or you may purchase one in-store for only $1. We get it, we are all sick of masks, ESPECIALLY as artists trying to focus and breathe while tattooing! Masks will not always be required, we just want to take EVERY step possible to protect our clients and ourselves from ANY possible sickness as we round off this pandemic! Thanks for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you!



Cash App / Venmo / Apple Cash

Cash (ATM on-site $3 fee)



  • What is your shop minimum?
    $75. This is for simple line work no bigger than 2 INCHES. That name you want? Not minimum. That tiny face tattoo? Not minimum. Anything on the hands, fingers, face, neck IS NOT MINIMUM. Please leave the pricing to the professionals and respect our craft and time. Appointments for shop minimum tattoos will not be accepted and are taken usually on a walk-in basis. Always call ahead if you have time to speed things up.
  • Does this shop also do piercings or temporary tattoos?
    We offer piercings, no temporary tattoos at this time.
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    You should bring plenty of water to stay hydrated, a few small snacks depending on the length of your appointment, some headphones and a comfortable sweater or blanket! Please make sure you eat a hearty meal before your tattoo and just remember, we need YOU to be as comfortable as possible so we can provide the best possible artwork!
  • What should I put on my new tattoo?
    At Monkey Paw Custom Tattoo, we have a proud partnership with Saniderm tattoo aftercare! Our artists will always push to have our clients leave with a Saniderm bandage and all the information on usage as well as when to remove. HOWEVER, if you are allergic to adhesives or simply choose to not use a "second skin bandage" we recommend always keeping your new tattoo clean, use any A&D Ointment, Aquaphor, or other topical healing ointment LIGHTLY, once per day. For extra healing points tryout Saniderm Tattoo Balm, Hustle Butter, or INK-EEZE brand tattoo aftercare.
  • Do I have to book online?
    No. Stop in anytime during normal hours to chat with an artist to book an appointment. Keep in mind, a deposit will ALWAYS be required to book with one of our artists wether in person or online.
  • Do you guys take walk-ins tattoos?
    Yes! We LOVE walk-in tattoos! We ask that you call ahead so we can be ready, however it is not always necessary. Stop in on a whim and we will take care of you!
  • Is my new tattoo infected?
    Short answer? Probably not. Especially not if you had a "second skin bandage" correctly applied and you kept it on correctly for the entire 7 days. Long answer: An infected tattoo is unreasonably swollen and can leak white or green discharge. A fever as well as hard, raised skin tissue is another sign of an infected tattoo. Great leaps have been made in single-use, sterile tattoo needles and equipment, not to mention the yearly scrutiny made towards the tattoo ink industry leading to extensive testing and constant changes made. Our artist use ONLY single-use, sterile tattoo needles and we take great lengths to ensure proper tattoo protection and aftercare to all of our clients.
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